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Share the Rich History and Culture of Spain by Giving Bullfighting Gifts


Bullfighting is considered a Spanish iconic tradition and defines their Iberian cultural characteristics. Many deplore this tradition due to its brutality while adored by others for its artistic content. Bullfighting is a bloody and violent spectacle which was described in Ernest Hemingway’s novel “A Sun Also Rises” which caught the attention of the Western world. It is still a curious attraction to many travelers who visit Spain even if there’s an ongoing dispute between moralists and bullfighting enthusiasts.

The first bullfighting in Spain was held in honor of King Alfonso VIII’s coronation in 711 A.D., known as “corrida de toros”.  Spain was part of the Roman Empire and this tradition is part of the gladiator games where it was done while on horseback and only reserved for the Spanish aristocracy. King Felipe ended the trend with the belief that it was such a poor taste for nobles to practice a bloody sport.

The commoners continued to develop bullfighting using smaller weapons without the use of horses, and the art of dodging and stabbing the bull had grown to its present form since 1724. The Matadors had clung to the developed strict code of conduct for their performances in Madrid, Seville, and Pamplona where they have a rich bullfighting legacy and the largest bullfighting rings in the world.

The bullfighting season in Spain lasts from March to October, that’s spring through autumn, and Sundays are typically the biggest days. There are three types of tickets sold; “Sol” tickets are the cheapest since the seats are under the sun, “Sol y Sombra” tickets for combined sun and shade seats for the mid-range price, and “Sombra” tickets are considered the most expensive for shaded seats.

The bullfights start with the opening parade, then the cape stage where the matador tests the bull’s strength, then the Picador stage where bullfighters on horseback taunt the bull by stabbing it on its shoulders followed by the banderilleros who rushed the bull on foot while tossing colored darts on its back. The killing stage wraps up the fight with the matador using a little red cape and plunging a long sword into the back of weak and tired bull as it makes its final lunge at its tormentor. A matador earns more respect for making a clean kill. A bullfight normally takes about 3 to 4 hours.

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