Mini PC: Enabling your Home Office to be Invisible

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The Intel Mini PC is a new compact computer that can still perform the same programs as the ones twice its size. It can literally fit anywhere you need it to go. Whether you choose to place it on a bookshelf or mount it behind your computer screen, it can be completely invisible. The necessity of having to dedicate a complete room to your home office has gone the way of the past. The Intel Mini PC enables the smallest of homes to have a functional office.

                Small Size. Big Possibilities.

Do not let Intel Mini PC’s small size fool you. It still has the technology to handle any size job from the reception desk and heavy computing all the way to watching movies and playing games. It can handle any size screen while still playing your movies smoothly and flawlessly. With the USB, HDMI, and LAN ports, you can still use it in all the same ways that you use your PC. Transferring your movies, games, photos, and files is quick and simple. Its small size does not mean you are compromising on the functions you need in your home or business.

The Intel Mini PC is better for the environment. It uses less energy to start up and run. It cuts energy use because with its small size, it only needs about three-quarters of the energy that a full-size computer does. This saves you money on your energy bill to spend on more important items. The Intel Mini PC also leaves a smaller footprint on the environment than regular-sized computers.

Keep Your Information Private

The Intel Mini PC is so easily secured. With its unique cable lock system, you can secure it to any stable surface. Your information can also be secured against identity thieves. It has the technology only available with Intel computers built into its core. It makes them virtually impossible to be hacked into. At the end of the day, you know that your vital information is not going to be compromised. This adds a peace of mind to your home office because you know that visitors will not be able to reach your private information unless you want them to. This is a great feature for anyone who has children that can access the home office.

With all the benefits of the Intel Mini PC comes a great price. The affordability makes it an option for many offices and home businesses. You can finally afford to replace your barely running personal computer. Its small size and lower wattage gives you even more reason to add it your child’s dorm room. Affordability and the size of the Intel Mini PC open opportunities for you to add a PC in a place you thought was too small. It is the computer of the future available at your fingertips today. The opportunity to update your office, whether it is at home or not, is right in front of you.

lawyer niceville

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Donald Witmyer is an incredibly experienced Christian lawyer based in Niceville Florida, with over twenty years’ practice in the vast area of family law, criminal law and military law. He offers sound legal representation backed by a sound moral background that demands justice for those who seek his services. His Christian values motivate him to fight aggressively for his clients’ rights. His services stand out because of his genuine concern for his clients’ wellbeing and is thus the friend that you need when you are in a legal bind.

Mr. Witmyer is a retired active duty officer and military attorney who practices family, criminal, military and civil law as his areas of expertise.

  • Family law

In the area of family law, he tactfully navigates the painful waters of:

  • High asset divorce cases-Here the firm’s experienced divorce lawyer will carefully identify the assets and with the help of an appraiser value any joint business owned by the parties.
  • Time-Sharing Arrangements and child support-Here the firm aims at creating an arrangement that will satisfy the concerns of the parties involved.
  • Mediation and Florida law-Here the firm arranges for mediation and allows the parties to reach an agreement without undue interference.
  • Division of the marital assets-The firm helps the clients understand the various ways of diving assets as well as the consequences of doing so in terms of taxation.
  • Alimony-The firm helps the client to understand the various types of alimony as well as the one that applies to them. Further still, they help the client get a fair amount.
  • Criminal Law

Covering felony charges including drug offences, driving under influence, robbery, assault, theft among others, the firm strives to relieve their clients of the stress and vulnerability arising from these charges. Mr Witmyer has had a lot of experience and success in achieving dismissals, acquittals and plea bargains. This is exactly what the firm offers their clients in this area, a fighting chance from a dedicated and supportive lawyer. When facing felony charges, you want to be represented by a lawyer who knows what he is doing. The law office of Donald Witmyer will offer you the confidence that your matters are in the hands of experienced, dedicated and caring lawyers.

  • Military Law

For those in the military facing charges, it is wise to get a lawyer experienced in military law preferably one who has an extensive background in this area. Mr. Witmyer has worked as a military defence lawyer, and his experience and understanding of the workings of the military will be an advantage to all who are in need of defence counsel in the military. He has experience in litigating military issues both nationally and internationally as well as experience in matters relating to the Uniform Code of Military Justice including involuntary discharge, letters of reprimand, and court-martials among others. What he offers is a chance to get a thorough representation with no stone being left unturned. Along with his strong sense of morality and his zeal to get his clients their due, he offers you the wisdom of the years he served as an active duty officer and attorney in the military.

For all who are seeking legal counsel in the areas of family law, criminal law and military law, the Law Office of Donald Witmyer is the place to go to.

Tips in Choosing the Right Footwear for your Baby

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                The first steps of your child can be the most unforgettable yet proudest moment any parent can have. From the time that they can perfectly walk on their own, a safety gear should be prepared by moms. Walking barefooted can be done when the baby is inside the home. On the other hand, a pair of shoes gives protection whenever they want to walk outside because the surface can be unlikely rough. The next problem encountered by most moms is what to consider in buying the shoes for her baby? We’ve got you covered. Here are the top criteria you should be taking consideration.

Shoe Size

If a mom is shopping in a mall or via online for a pair of shoes for her baby, one piece of information she should have in handy is the foot size of her baby. Considering that we need to get extra protection for their foot like socks, an allowance of 1/2 up to 3/4 inch gives a better measurement that their tiny foot really fit. This extra space creates a room for your baby to walk comfortably. Too loose or too tight can ruin the baby time you and your baby is having. Plus, be ready for certain irritation or feet pain that can be caused in the improper size chosen.


Comfortable, lightweight and allows air to pass through shoes is the kind of material you should trust to give the best shoes for your baby. Leather that is soft and non-laced is the suggested type of shoes to go. This material keeps the foot dryer because it can absorb the sweat. It helps in having smelly feet as well. Avoiding a laced shoe makes you more at ease because it can prevent your baby from falling just because of the shoelace. One remedy you can do is to choose a shoe that uses velcro as fastener.


Most baby shoes are made to be flexible because the foot of a baby that is just learning how to walk are adjusting to the surface he/she is walking in. So, to help them get used to with different surface, flexible shoes works best. The soles of the shoe must be flexible so opting for a textured or pattern sole could be your solution to avoid easy slipping.

Match it with the occasion

If you are buying just to be used whenever your baby is at home or you want to take him just around the neighborhood, 1-2 pairs should be enough. But you have a special occasion to attend to, be sure to pair your baby’s outfit with the right shoes. Don’t forget that your child’s comfort should be your number one priority.


Zapatos andanines will be your guide in selecting the best footwear for your baby. Keep the list in hand whenever you are shopping to ensure that you are getting fashionable footwear without sacrificing the quality and performance. Mom’s can be really careful in every product that their child uses and we generally know what’s best for our child.

SOBA Mesa is an alcohol and drug abuse recovery center


SOBA Mesa is an alcohol and drug abuse recovery center that offers hope to struggling addicts. The centre provides a safe environment where those struggling with addictions can acknowledge their problem and find help to overcome it. It focuses on empowering those struggling with addictions with the strength to take finally the first step into freedom. Equipped with modern facilities and thoroughly trained and dedicated staff, it is a place where all who have a dream of attaining sobriety can come and make that dream a reality.

The centre has an intensive outpatient facility that hosts group meetings, counselling sessions and other activities. The meetings are usually structured, and each participant is assigned a therapist as well as a case manager. The therapist will tailor the program to suit the individual. It also boasts a home a few miles from the outpatient facility in Mesa.

  • Treatment Program

SOBA Mesa provides comprehensive treatment programs tailored to ensure the success of every participant. It begins with medical detoxification followed by secondary care and then intensive outpatient treatment. The medical detoxification is done at the centre’s facilities. The secondary care may take a few weeks to a few months to complete and enhances the success rate of the person by increasing their confidence before they get into the outpatient program. The outpatient program has activities that help the participant to keep on track.


  • Treatment Services

At SOBA Mesa, a participant will have access to a wide variety of treatment services, and this will depend on the level of care that they need. They include family couples counselling, individual counselling, group sessions, Breathalyzer screenings, meditation, spirituality, artistic expression, anger management among other numerous services.


  • Individually Tailored Treatment

Based on the premise that one program does not fit all, this program is personalized to fit the individual and their unique set of circumstances. A participant is assigned a primary therapist and a case manager. After being in a session with the therapist, a recovery plan and recommendations for ongoing recovery are made. SOBA operates under the conviction that alcoholism and addictions are treatable diseases. Thus, therapy is offered to deal with some of the emotional and mental issues that may be causing the participant to turn to alcohol. Some of the issues addressed, in this case, include family issues, resolving conflict, dealing with grief and managing stress.


  • Group sessions

These are sessions tailored to enhance the development of the client spiritually, emotionally and physically. By relating with others in a group, the person can develop better and receive support from others. The person builds confidence and is better able to interact socially with others without turning to alcohol or drugs. The group session also allows the participant to work with others facing similar challenges and thus is more motivated to overcome his problem.

SOBA has a comprehensive list of therapeutic topics that it covers during the group session. These include social skills, communication, grief, loss recovery and co-dependency.


  • Facilities

The centre offers great accommodations for participants including large bedrooms, cable television, wireless internet, laundry, a swimming area and staff available throughout the day and night.

A New Way to Find a Lost Cat


For most of us our pets are like family. We love them like we do our children. We take care of them by providing for everything they need. In most cases, they are more spoiled than we would like to admit. Part of loving them means we worry about them when we cannot find them. What options do we have when our beloved cat goes missing? While hanging lost cat posters all over the city is a great start, it just does not feel like enough. When sending out a search party yields no results, there is another option to turn to.

Petroruba is a new website with a unique one of a kind service. Instead of giving up unsatisfied with the lost cat signs you hung up, you can go to this website and take your search citywide in an instant. The site is easy to use, once you create an account. You log in, pinpoint the location you would like to search in, and enter what you are looking for. Other people in that area can go online and enter the item they have found. You can search by name or item, just by typing in lost cat or your cat’s name. As the results appear on your screen, you can see all the cats that have been found.

Mediation for Privacy

You do not have to contact directly the person listing the found pet. Petroruba  can act as a mediator between you and the other party, ensuring the privacy on both sides of the transaction. The way that it works is that you contact Petroruba, and they contact the other party. You can also offer a reward for finding your lost cat. Petroruba draws people to the site by offering a reward to entice people to post found items.

On the Go Solutions

Petrobruba is available on more than just your computer. You can use it on your tablet or smartphone. It is an innovative site that you can use no matter where you are. Take it with you while you lead a search party to find your missing cat, since it works in real time you can get instant notification if some  posts a new listing for a found animal.  This is a service to answer the problems of real people in situations that they clearly need help in. Whether your cat ran away, or somebody picked them up, this website can help. It is social media at its finest.

Joining the website does not cost anything to start. It does charge a fee to remain active on the website. There is a real need for this service. Everyone has misplaced, forgotten or had something stolen from them at some point. This service gives people their stuff back. It is a hassle-free way to put the people who found with the people who lost together in a way that they can reunite people with items or pets. If you have a lost cat, do not give up without trying this service.

Flattering Dress Styles that Highlight your Body Shape

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                Clothing line can be one of the most diversified and trend setting categories in terms of merchandise. Men and women make sure they are up to date with what’s latest and hip. Even the most talked about and incomparable outfits of the Hollywood celebrities instantly became the center of attraction. We may not be as big as the stars of the films, but we can be as fashionable as them by knowing our body type. Typically, girls are more concerned with knowing which dress perfectly fit and catch the attention of passersby. So, how do we show off the best asset we have? Which vestidos matches our curves? Here’s how.

Drop-Waist Dress

                This type of dress first existed during the 1920’s fashion. The word itself speaks what body part is accented while wearing this kind of dress. It normally gives the hip a highlight rather than the waist line. Body type that suits this dress will be for the curvaceous hour glass figures and looks great for taller women. Girls of a shorter height should avoid this type of dress because it would make the legs shorter, too.

Empire Waistline

Flattering a voluptuous figure is what an empire dress does to a woman’s body. As most girls love and prefer this type of dress in most occasions where the accent is on the bustline and allowing you to look long legged. The length of the dress can also vary as well as the sleeve it can have. Body shapes that are compatible with this dress are pear and apple.

Cap-Sleeve Dress

The sleeves on this dress extend just over the shoulders and good for girls that would want to cover their shoulders. V-shaped bodies are likely to appear good when they wore a cap-sleeve dress because the broad shoulders looked thinner.

Maxi Dress

Unlike the empire waistline whose highlight is the bust, the maxi dress makes the whole chest area the center of attention for this type of dress. Overall this is the dress that any body type could use occasionally. Ranging from the ankle to floor length, this could be used on casual days and even formal gatherings.


Simply cute and pretty. That’s why sundress is much loved during the summer season because of its loose and thin straps. Apple and pear shaped bodies looked stunning when worn with this type of dress. This exposes one’s neckline and hides the look of heavy thighs thus makes the focus on the upper body instead.

Sheath Dress

Form-fitting dresses that shape the natural curve of the body are what sheath dress creates. The main attraction is focused on the waist of the body. By just adding a belt on this dress, results in a look that any type of body shape can wear.


With the right dress, women can show their best asset. Pair your dress with the right accessories like bags and jewelry and makeup that complements with the dress. Adding confidence drives you to take on the road without worry or hesitation. As what others say, flaunt it if you have it.

Grooming and Trimming Tips for Beards men

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We often see older men with hair all over their cheeks and under their chin which is called beards. Some cannot grow beards on their face which we often think is good because having a beard can make a guy look unclean. But even though we think of it that way, there are guys who want to grow their beards to the extent that it can cover up their faces which make them be referred as bearded men.

Bearded men often refer themselves as masculine, tenacious and resourceful. Well, that is their description about themselves. As the beard growing has been common to guys for years, there are some who wants to try the hairier side of life and letting go of their clean descent faces. They strongly believed that every bearded man has their own reason on why they grew their beard. Whatever reason they have, women are still aiming for a guy who can maintain and trim their beards so that they do not look like a caveman. So to help guys keep their beards but still look decent in the eyes of others, here are the tips they can use in trimming and grooming their beards.

  • They should get their very own Trimmer

Even if they said that they will be embracing the hairy side of life, they should still trim their bears frequently. It is not enough to visit their barbers every now and then. They should have their very own beard grooming kit complete with productos para la barba so that they can trim and groom their beard even they are at home. It could also lessen their expenses as they are the ones to do it.

  • They should look for the right style of beard on their face

Most guys think that beards grow in varying shape, yet it is a misconception. Beard comes in different styles depending on the shape of the face. The best way to figure out the type of style that would work is through testing. In this case, it is advice that they should have a full grown beard before they start trimming so that they can achieve the style of beard that is perfect for their face.

  • They should choose the right length of beard

This is with coordination with the style. Because they are styles that look better with a short length of beard while the other style looks well polished with a longer length beard. To have an idea of the style and length they want to attain they could look through different pictures that are very similar to their face shape to look for ideas.

  • They should have time to managed their beard

Because beard grooming can take a few minutes of their time, they should ensure that they have a routine to follow so that they can keep up with their activities and still care for their beard.

  • They should clean their beard regularly

Because beard is still made of hair and like a normal hair it can also harvest dirt and pollution. It is best to have it cleaned regularly. A regular shampoo and conditioner are enough to keep it looking good. There are also great productos para la barba that can enhance the appearance of the beard.

With these tips, we are hoping that all gentlemen out there will always look clean, fresh and descent even though they have masculine beards.