Experts Revealed How Long Babies are in Each Clothing Size

What is the best part about shopping for baby clothes? That is looking at all the adorable clothes you can buy. You have so many cute and cuddly options with baby clothes and they’re just so tiny. But before you get carried away and blow up your paycheck as you buy your ropa bebe online (baby clothes online) or in retail stores.

How long can your baby wear each size of clothing? Let’s face it! Those tiny, ruffled dresses are really cute but, are there any chance that your baby could ever wear them?

According to Ebine Hollier a well-known pediatrician, “Some babies never wear newborn clothing, some may wear newborn clothing for one to two weeks, or even for a couple of months — it really depends on the baby,” she says. What Hollier is trying to say is that babies have their own shape and body size. You as a parent must depend your clothing selection on your baby and not on the cuteness of the clothes.

As Hollier emphasize the importance of considering your baby when you are buying their clothes, she also shares some buying tips that will prevent you from spending so much on an outfit your child will only wear once.

Pediatrician’s Buying Tips

Ebine Hollier started the tip by recommending that parents should buy clothes one size larger than their baby’s actual age. For instance, your baby is 3 months old. You should consider buying clothes that are size 6. This is the best way of helping you curb your shopping spree.

In choosing baby clothes, parents must consider several factors including the age of the child and how often their baby is out. If your baby spends most of the time at home, the majority of parents prefer Onesies or sleepers rather than using an actual outfit. But, if you are planning on having a lot of outings with your baby, buying more outfits is ideal.

There are cases that you as a parent will be worried because the size of clothes your baby is wearing does not correlate with their age. For these cases, you should trust your doctor. The best way of knowing if your child is growing appropriately is by monitoring their growth parameters.

The growth index includes the baby’s weight, length, and head circumference. To do so, pediatrician Ebine Hollier is encouraging all parents to have their baby’s visit their pediatrician for 7 times during their first year of life. At each visit, your baby’s growth development is plotted on the WHO growth chart. By doing so, you’ll be able to determine your baby’s specific growth pattern and compare it their growth development with baby’s of the same age.

Shopping for baby clothes is a fun thing to do even if your baby can only wear your chosen clothes once. Nevertheless, you can always hand your baby’s clothes to your friends who are expecting a baby. They will definitely help you clean your home for more hand me downs.