Comparing Xperia Z3 with Other Models of Mobile Phones

Sony Xperia Z3 was launched just six months after Z2 its predecessor release, another member of Sony’s Android flagship. To complete the launched Z3 Compact and Z3 Tablet Compact was included. There was a subtle difference in looks since the Z3 is lighter and slimmer. Let’s check what are  the pros of buying Xperia Z3.

Another change was in the power that had been increased, improvements on the camera and upgraded to Android 5.0 Lollipop. Xperia Z3 still has the longest battery life, super fast performance, and superb screen. Its technology can still keep pace with Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 6, LG3 and HTC One M8.

The narrow frame is best suited for handled by one hand, available in colors of white, green, copper and black. Z3 is dust and water resistant which means that it can be immersed in water for up to 1.5 meters for about 30 minutes, of course, as long as the slot for charging port and nano SIM card is sealed. Otherwise, dry it first before recharging.

Xperia Z3 still boasts of being the most pleasing, fantastic and sharp phone screens.  It has the brightest screen that can automatically be adjusted depending on the surroundings and very much adaptable for outdoor use.

Sony had packed Xperia Z3 with their own software that is applicable with Google. You don’t easily make mistakes even if you typing at full speed with the way the keys are spaced out. It is a blistering quick phone since Z3 has plenty of power.

The camera can capture a good image even under water. It’s equipped with a camera app with a lot of modes and setting that can do the thinking for you, and depending on the conditions,  it will be able to pick the right mode. Shooting videos are still applicable with the addition of multi-cameras in order to record the same scene on multiple angles, can even record time lapse videos and can broadcast video on YouTube live.

Xperia Z5 has a battery life of about two days without tapping to its battery saving mode. The device is using Snapdragon chip to support its power and battery efficiency, graphics, connectivity, and photography.

When it comes to calling quality, Xperia Z3 can boast of crisp, good and clear sound, never showing any sign of signal dropping off.  It is equipped with active noise cancellation due to its dedicated microphone, ability to enhance your voice, have the speech slowed down from caller and suppression of microphone noises. As for the sound, it is definitely loud with good clarity which makes it ideal when watching a video.

If you are a PS4 game player you will definitely find the Z3 valuable device to buy since it is one of their killer features. You just need to make the necessary connections to be able to play your favorite PS4 games.  What makes this phone attractive to the user is the value of its style, performance, power and battery life. Finding a Z3 at a cheaper price might prove to be a better investment over the newer model.