Tips in Choosing the Right Footwear for your Baby

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                The first steps of your child can be the most unforgettable yet proudest moment any parent can have. From the time that they can perfectly walk on their own, a safety gear should be prepared by moms. Walking barefooted can be done when the baby is inside the home. On the other hand, a pair of shoes gives protection whenever they want to walk outside because the surface can be unlikely rough. The next problem encountered by most moms is what to consider in buying the shoes for her baby? We’ve got you covered. Here are the top criteria you should be taking consideration.

Shoe Size

If a mom is shopping in a mall or via online for a pair of shoes for her baby, one piece of information she should have in handy is the foot size of her baby. Considering that we need to get extra protection for their foot like socks, an allowance of 1/2 up to 3/4 inch gives a better measurement that their tiny foot really fit. This extra space creates a room for your baby to walk comfortably. Too loose or too tight can ruin the baby time you and your baby is having. Plus, be ready for certain irritation or feet pain that can be caused in the improper size chosen.


Comfortable, lightweight and allows air to pass through shoes is the kind of material you should trust to give the best shoes for your baby. Leather that is soft and non-laced is the suggested type of shoes to go. This material keeps the foot dryer because it can absorb the sweat. It helps in having smelly feet as well. Avoiding a laced shoe makes you more at ease because it can prevent your baby from falling just because of the shoelace. One remedy you can do is to choose a shoe that uses velcro as fastener.


Most baby shoes are made to be flexible because the foot of a baby that is just learning how to walk are adjusting to the surface he/she is walking in. So, to help them get used to with different surface, flexible shoes works best. The soles of the shoe must be flexible so opting for a textured or pattern sole could be your solution to avoid easy slipping.

Match it with the occasion

If you are buying just to be used whenever your baby is at home or you want to take him just around the neighborhood, 1-2 pairs should be enough. But you have a special occasion to attend to, be sure to pair your baby’s outfit with the right shoes. Don’t forget that your child’s comfort should be your number one priority.


Zapatos andanines will be your guide in selecting the best footwear for your baby. Keep the list in hand whenever you are shopping to ensure that you are getting fashionable footwear without sacrificing the quality and performance. Mom’s can be really careful in every product that their child uses and we generally know what’s best for our child.