A New Way to Find a Lost Cat


For most of us our pets are like family. We love them like we do our children. We take care of them by providing for everything they need. In most cases, they are more spoiled than we would like to admit. Part of loving them means we worry about them when we cannot find them. What options do we have when our beloved cat goes missing? While hanging lost cat posters all over the city is a great start, it just does not feel like enough. When sending out a search party yields no results, there is another option to turn to.

Petroruba is a new website with a unique one of a kind service. Instead of giving up unsatisfied with the lost cat signs you hung up, you can go to this website and take your search citywide in an instant. The site is easy to use, once you create an account. You log in, pinpoint the location you would like to search in, and enter what you are looking for. Other people in that area can go online and enter the item they have found. You can search by name or item, just by typing in lost cat or your cat’s name. As the results appear on your screen, you can see all the cats that have been found.

Mediation for Privacy

You do not have to contact directly the person listing the found pet. Petroruba  can act as a mediator between you and the other party, ensuring the privacy on both sides of the transaction. The way that it works is that you contact Petroruba, and they contact the other party. You can also offer a reward for finding your lost cat. Petroruba draws people to the site by offering a reward to entice people to post found items.

On the Go Solutions

Petrobruba is available on more than just your computer. You can use it on your tablet or smartphone. It is an innovative site that you can use no matter where you are. Take it with you while you lead a search party to find your missing cat, since it works in real time you can get instant notification if some  posts a new listing for a found animal.  This is a service to answer the problems of real people in situations that they clearly need help in. Whether your cat ran away, or somebody picked them up, this website can help. It is social media at its finest.

Joining the website does not cost anything to start. It does charge a fee to remain active on the website. There is a real need for this service. Everyone has misplaced, forgotten or had something stolen from them at some point. This service gives people their stuff back. It is a hassle-free way to put the people who found with the people who lost together in a way that they can reunite people with items or pets. If you have a lost cat, do not give up without trying this service.