Mini PC: Enabling your Home Office to be Invisible

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The Intel Mini PC is a new compact computer that can still perform the same programs as the ones twice its size. It can literally fit anywhere you need it to go. Whether you choose to place it on a bookshelf or mount it behind your computer screen, it can be completely invisible. The necessity of having to dedicate a complete room to your home office has gone the way of the past. The Intel Mini PC enables the smallest of homes to have a functional office.

                Small Size. Big Possibilities.

Do not let Intel Mini PC’s small size fool you. It still has the technology to handle any size job from the reception desk and heavy computing all the way to watching movies and playing games. It can handle any size screen while still playing your movies smoothly and flawlessly. With the USB, HDMI, and LAN ports, you can still use it in all the same ways that you use your PC. Transferring your movies, games, photos, and files is quick and simple. Its small size does not mean you are compromising on the functions you need in your home or business.

The Intel Mini PC is better for the environment. It uses less energy to start up and run. It cuts energy use because with its small size, it only needs about three-quarters of the energy that a full-size computer does. This saves you money on your energy bill to spend on more important items. The Intel Mini PC also leaves a smaller footprint on the environment than regular-sized computers.

Keep Your Information Private

The Intel Mini PC is so easily secured. With its unique cable lock system, you can secure it to any stable surface. Your information can also be secured against identity thieves. It has the technology only available with Intel computers built into its core. It makes them virtually impossible to be hacked into. At the end of the day, you know that your vital information is not going to be compromised. This adds a peace of mind to your home office because you know that visitors will not be able to reach your private information unless you want them to. This is a great feature for anyone who has children that can access the home office.

With all the benefits of the Intel Mini PC comes a great price. The affordability makes it an option for many offices and home businesses. You can finally afford to replace your barely running personal computer. Its small size and lower wattage gives you even more reason to add it your child’s dorm room. Affordability and the size of the Intel Mini PC open opportunities for you to add a PC in a place you thought was too small. It is the computer of the future available at your fingertips today. The opportunity to update your office, whether it is at home or not, is right in front of you.