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Donald Witmyer is an incredibly experienced Christian lawyer based in Niceville Florida, with over twenty years’ practice in the vast area of family law, criminal law and military law. He offers sound legal representation backed by a sound moral background that demands justice for those who seek his services. His Christian values motivate him to fight aggressively for his clients’ rights. His services stand out because of his genuine concern for his clients’ wellbeing and is thus the friend that you need when you are in a legal bind.

Mr. Witmyer is a retired active duty officer and military attorney who practices family, criminal, military and civil law as his areas of expertise.

  • Family law

In the area of family law, he tactfully navigates the painful waters of:

  • High asset divorce cases-Here the firm’s experienced divorce lawyer will carefully identify the assets and with the help of an appraiser value any joint business owned by the parties.
  • Time-Sharing Arrangements and child support-Here the firm aims at creating an arrangement that will satisfy the concerns of the parties involved.
  • Mediation and Florida law-Here the firm arranges for mediation and allows the parties to reach an agreement without undue interference.
  • Division of the marital assets-The firm helps the clients understand the various ways of diving assets as well as the consequences of doing so in terms of taxation.
  • Alimony-The firm helps the client to understand the various types of alimony as well as the one that applies to them. Further still, they help the client get a fair amount.
  • Criminal Law

Covering felony charges including drug offences, driving under influence, robbery, assault, theft among others, the firm strives to relieve their clients of the stress and vulnerability arising from these charges. Mr Witmyer has had a lot of experience and success in achieving dismissals, acquittals and plea bargains. This is exactly what the firm offers their clients in this area, a fighting chance from a dedicated and supportive lawyer. When facing felony charges, you want to be represented by a lawyer who knows what he is doing. The law office of Donald Witmyer will offer you the confidence that your matters are in the hands of experienced, dedicated and caring lawyers.

  • Military Law

For those in the military facing charges, it is wise to get a lawyer experienced in military law preferably one who has an extensive background in this area. Mr. Witmyer has worked as a military defence lawyer, and his experience and understanding of the workings of the military will be an advantage to all who are in need of defence counsel in the military. He has experience in litigating military issues both nationally and internationally as well as experience in matters relating to the Uniform Code of Military Justice including involuntary discharge, letters of reprimand, and court-martials among others. What he offers is a chance to get a thorough representation with no stone being left unturned. Along with his strong sense of morality and his zeal to get his clients their due, he offers you the wisdom of the years he served as an active duty officer and attorney in the military.

For all who are seeking legal counsel in the areas of family law, criminal law and military law, the Law Office of Donald Witmyer is the place to go to.