The Important Roles of Vitamins and Minerals to Our Body


All of us deserve to feel fulfilled in our lives as a whole, and not just from sickness. When your wellness is heightened, so too is your ability to be productive in all phases of your life, like when it comes to your work, relationships and to your home. Of course, your overall sense of wellness also helps with illness which therefore decreases your need for the traditional healthcare system. Although it is very important to obtain your needed vitamins and minerals from eating healthy foods every day, most of us needed some supplementation to fill the gaps where our diet leaves off.

Vitamins allow your body to develop and grow. It also plays important roles in your bodily functions including immunity, digestion, and metabolism. There are many essential vitamins needed by our body, such as vitamins A, D, E, k, C, and B vitamins. According to the experts, the best way to meet your vitamin needs is to eat a balanced diet containing different kinds of healthy foods. But if you can’t meet your needs through your daily meal alone, then you may require dietary supplements. You can seek guidance from your dietarian or doctor before you buy your vitamins supplement. When buying health supplements, always make sure to buy only from reputable drugstores and legit online stores like the suavinex online wellness store where you can find different wellness products for a healthier you. Below are some examples of essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs:

  • The B vitamins, this vitamin is great for energy production of your body. It helps in iron absorption and immune function. These crucial group nutrients can be commonly found in whole unprocessed foods, specifically in potatoes, whole grains, chili peppers, lentils, molasses, whole grains, bananas, yeast, and beans.
  • Vitamin E. This vitamin is good for your blood circulation, and protecting your body from free radicals. Your favorite vitamin E- rich foods is the delicious almond. However, you can also fill up other kinds of nuts, tomatoes, and sunflower seeds to get the benefits.
  • Vitamin A. We all know that this vitamin can give us healthy eyes and promotes general growth and development of our body. Vitamin A is also essential for a healthy skin and teeth. Its natural sources are carrots and other orange foods. This also includes sweet potato and cantaloupes, all of which get their hue from the carotene pigment.
  • Vitamin C. It helps in strengthening your blood vessels and gives skin elasticity, iron absorption, and great for anti-oxidant function.
  • Folic acid. It helps your body for cell renewal and prevents some birth defects in pregnancy. There are a variety of delicious natural sources of folic acid, including asparagus, dark leafy greens, peas, cauliflower, corn, beets, lentils, and citrus fruits.
  • Iron. Essential for building muscles naturally and maintains healthy blood. When it comes to its natural sources, clams are taking the top spot for the iron rich food. Also includes oysters followed by organ meats like liver. But for the vegetarians, you may opt to soybeans, pumpkin seeds, cereals, lentils, spinach, and pumpkin seeds which are also great sources of iron.

How to Dress up your Baby during Winter


When the cold months of winter are to come, we make it sure that we are geared with the right clothing. Family members should wear something that will make them comfortable yet warm enough if ever they need to be frequently outside. There will be more protection needed if you have a baby in the family. It can be really freezing and if you didn’t dressed them up with the right clothing, your baby can suffer from serious colds and much worst. So, to be able to keep them feeling warm if the family should go outside, be sure to check this list first before heading out.

Keep it layered

I think, every mom out there does this technique with just common sense. Because they do not barely know how worst the weather could be outside so it is better to be sure that your child will not feel the freezing temperature. Dressing up your baby with multiple layers is the key to their comfort.

Choose the best and warmest apparel

Two of the warmest options that a mom can invest with are baby snowsuits and winter coats. Snowsuits can be the ideal type of apparel for your baby, but it can a very daunting task whenever there is a need for a diaper change. For longer trips, this type of apparel is not advisable to be worn because your child might get irritated or will not to be able to move freely. On the other hand, there is another option that mom’s can go with. Those are winter coats that are easier to put on and off when needed. But when your baby will need to stay long outside, this type may not offer full-body coverage as snowsuits do.

Consider the weight

While we mainly focus on making the little one warm as possible, mom’s always forget to consider the weight of the fabric. The layered clothes inside plus the winter coats or snowsuits can give a weight that your baby might not handle well. He/she can feel uncomfortable and may restrict them from moving. It is better if you consider if the baby would be staying long outside to have a rightful decision on going either thinner or thicker apparel.

Easy to fasten

There will be a time wherein you just need a couple of minutes to be able to dress your little one. So, it would be much easier to go for a clothing that fastens quickly. You can either opt in a clothing with zippers, velcro or snaps. That way, you can surely get them dressed up with less effort.


Last but not the least will be the size of the clothing. With the child’s fast growth, we may not have them use a coat or snowsuit more than once. It would be more advisable if mom’s choose those with an extra allowance so that it would be usable for a longer period of time.

                Aside from the physical preferences that every mom has for their baby’s winter clothing, the child’s comfort must be on top. Piu et nau online store got all the clothing that your child needs so be sure to shop their products.

4 Best Life Lessons every Little Girl can get from Disney Princesses


All of us have been to the stage wherein we admire and truly love a certain Disney character. While the little boys will prefer characters like the prince charming, girls go definitely with the beautiful princess. Some of us would watch the same Disney movie a thousand times and yet we don’t seem to get tired because upon knowing just a few lines, we can act and say what the character is portraying in the movie. But, it is not just the happy ending that is being taught by the Disney princesses in each movie. They do teach us with life lessons that we can truly incorporate even we become adults.

Don’t trust strangers.

Do you still remember the old lady who has poisoned SnowWhite? I’m sure you do. With her creepy look, you will definitely get a hold of her and will not simply let her come into your house. But, being a good girl, Snow White let her in because the old lady seems to be tired and wants a glass of water. But as she receives the apple given by the old lady, she didn’t even thought that it could be poisonous. Even though at the end, a prince charming has finally saved her by a kiss, the real life events don’t turn the way as films. Like when you are hanging with your friends and random guys will offer you a drink. A girl who doesn’t seem to know the guys personally will be keener and should never accept any food or drink because it may contain something that will make you feel dizzy.

True love waits.

Maybe this is the best life lesson that every girl usually fails to achieve. Cinderella has been teaching us that there is a destined time for love. Nowadays, girls have been rushing to grow up without even thinking of the consequences first. This often results for them to incur early pregnancy that they may not be prepared of. Don’t throw yourself to some certain guy if he doesn’t seem to like you in return. Patience for waiting the right one will make you even happier in the end.

Never judge someone by the physical looks.

We are often attracted to a person with just merely looking at them. But, Belle goes beyond the physical attributes that a person has by falling in love with a beast. Many girls today usually go for the good-looking boys. But upon committing a relationship with them, girls are often left broken. It is better to have someone who doesn’t have that perfect looks but have that great attitude and kind heart for you than those with a bad behavior.

Bravery is not just for men.

The attribute of being strong is often related to male. This doesn’t sound to be a fact for the Disney movie Mulan. The main character Mulan proved that even she is a girl, she can also do what a man can do. Bravery isn’t measured by any gender and everyone can be a hero in our own ways.

Before every little girl finally grows and make her own decisions in life, be sure to instill these life lessons upon watching their favorite Disney princess. It is also better if you give them juguetas princesas disney so that they will remember each and every lesson even if they grow up.


Factors to Consider in Buying a Christening Gown or Dress

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Christening is an important event for Christians. It is a ceremony that celebrates a new beginning for the life of the child. Usually, the ceremony includes the formal announcement of the child’s name which was chosen by the parents. It is practiced by a family who believes in baptizing the child to wash away the sins.

During a christening, one of the most important elements that are being considered by the parents is the dress or gown. Choosing the best vestidos bautizo bebe for the baby is as important as selecting the name. There are different factors that you need to consider before purchasing a dress or gown.

  • Color

Majority of parents choose a white dress or gown because it is the usual color available before. There is no specific rule about the color of the dress or gown. Any color of dress and gown is allowed during a christening ceremony. It’s just that, white is the traditional color in gowns and dresses. However, you can also opt to choose a different color. There are gowns and dresses in the colors of blue, pink, yellow, lavender, cream, and orange that are either pastel or light.

  • Material

Since your baby will be the one who wear it, make sure that the fabrics are soft and lightweight. The christening ceremony usually lasts for an hour so there is a tendency that your child might feel uncomfortable if the material is too thick or rough.

  • Fit

The christening gown or dress must be a little loose. Determine if your child can freely move even while wearing the christening gown. It is very important to provide a comfortable gown for your child no matter what the occasion is.

  • Accessories

Usually, christening gowns and dresses sellers provides extra accessories such as a bonnet, socks, and shoes. If the dress that you chose doesn’t come with these accessories, you can individually buy the items. In addition, you can also buy a bib to protect the child and the dress itself. Make sure that the accessory matches the color or design of dress or gown. It will not only make the whole look complete, but it can also make your child’s outfit really special.

  • Price

Most christening dress and gowns are affordable without compromising the quality. Check online shopping sites to score the best price. You can also avail discounts and freebies for your online purchases.

  • Quality

Above all, determine if the dress and gowns are made up of high- quality materials. Though it is true that the dress will be worn once, it is also true that the occasion is a once in a lifetime celebration for your child.

Before settling in purchasing a gown or dress for christening, make sure that qualifies in the factors mentioned above. The dress and gown will be worn by your precious baby. It is important to choose a gown and dress that will make your baby comfortable all throughout the ceremony and the party that follows.

Fabric types for baby clothing


Babies look even more adorable when they are dressed up. The patterns and the designs of the clothing they wear make them even cuter and simply irresistible. Which is why, parents see to it that aside to the design of the baby clothing, they see to it that the materials used are safe for baby. Ensuring the fabric for the babies clothing is important because the skin of the babies is very sensitive. Their skin is not the same of the adults who can wear any clothes and fabric. And to make sure that parents know what kind of fabric should be looked after when buying baby’s clothes, here is the list of fabrics that is applicable for baby’s clothes.

  • Cotton – this type of fabric is common on infant clothes. These are soft, absorbent and very gentle to the sensitive skin of babies. In fact, it is highly recommended on patron ranita bebe. Its organic version is readily available and could shrink up to 10% in the first wash and in the dry cycle when heat is used.
  • Cotton and spandex blends – if your baby grows fast, the typical fabric best suited for babies is the cotton and spandex blends that allow the babies to move with ease because it is stretchable. This is usually found on tights, and baby legwarmers.
  • Fleece – in cold countries, baby clothing made from fleece is a popular choice. This gives the babies a warm and fuzzy feeling. It is easy to wash and dries quickly. And what makes it a favorite fabric is that it is virtually stain-proof and will not get easily affected by other colored clothes when you toss it in the wash.
  • Cashmere – this kind of fabric is typical on high-end infant clothes made by notable designers. In fact, this is considered as a luxury textile. But this is not recommendable for babies who grow up so fast because spending money on this type of fabric is like draining money on the sink. Other than cashmere, fabrics that require high maintenance are linen and hand-knits.
  • Cotton and Polyester Blends – this fabric blend dries real quick and resist wrinkling. This usually used by busy parents for their babies because it is easy to wash and does not shrink.
  • Bamboo – this type of fabric is all-natural and increasingly becoming a popular choice by most parents because it is thermal regulating. It can adjust the baby’s temperature and is a great clothing for layering. Aside from these amazing qualities of the bamboo fabric, what makes it highly recommendable is that it is hypoallergenic and antibacterial – the same goes with 100% cotton. When washing baby clothes made from bamboo, see to it that you are using the coolest wash available and dry it on a clothes rack.

These are the baby clothes fabric parents should look after whenever they buy clothes for their babies. Choosing the best type of fabric will help you prevent rashes which are very common among babies.