Buy Wool Online and Enjoy a Relaxing, Fulfilling and Functional Craft

Wool had been the oldest type of textile obtained from sheep and other animals. The sheep could be milked and when it shed its fleece, this had been spun and woven to make clothing. Since sheepskin had been around, the sheep hair had been used as a fiber for clothing. People began breeding sheep with the best hairs that can be spun and woven into clothing.

Functional Clothing

Sheep aren’t the sole source of wool, goats provide cashmere and mohair, musk oxen is the source of qiviut, rabbits provide angora while llamas and alpacas are 2 types of camelids that are the source of wool fibers.  Wool has the ability to absorb moisture without feeling the dampness or the clamminess of moisture on the fabric by keeping it away from the body and keeping the wearer warm without feeling wet. Wool can function as a temperature regulator that can protect the body in both warm and cold conditions.

Spinning and weaving animal hairs for fabric is usually done by big weaving companies to use in the manufacture of clothing, coats, sweaters, socks, and much more. Wool has the ability to absorb different dyes deeply, directly and uniformly without the use of chemicals. The wool came spinning back into fashion after over 40 years of being in the background by giving way to man-made or synthetic fibers.

Wool’s Comeback

It made a comeback when leading fashion designers such as Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Burberry had brought this natural material into the luxury fashion houses. Knitwear had become a strong theme in fashion. Thus, this gave way for a lot of women to go back to knitting, with Julia Roberts a known devotee of knitting saying that it’s just great to have a pile of yarn and make it into something. Indeed, knitting is a relaxing, fulfilling and functional craft that makes a lot of celebrities arm themselves with balls of wool, needles and knitting clubs with the likes of Uma Thurman, Jessica Parker, and Madonna.

A person can create a wide range of items such as clothing, toys, decorations, accessories and household items, making knitting a practical hobby.  Knitting doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby, while it’s true that yarns sold in craft stores are often expensive for gorgeous, luxury versions, there are plainer and cheaper yarns of reasonable quality that are on sale on online stores or specialty stores.

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If you’re just starting the hobby of knitting, amigurumi kits, crochet kits, point kits, and patchwork kits will be great beginner guide. Winter wool and summer threads, with Christmas themes, are readily available. You want to put decorate a plain knitted or sewn garment, use chalk paint. Those who just beginning to start knitting or sewing can avail of the free patterns.

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