Beard Comb 100% Made from the UK and High-Quality Materials

There are several ways of keeping the beard clean and to take care of. As a matter of fact, here are some of the grooming guides necessary to have a good looking beard:

  • Wash and shampoo beard regularly just like one’s hair
  • Use a conditioner after shampooing beard
  • Gently wipe and pat beard to dry using a towel
  • Comb beard and mustache using a wide-toothed comb in order to remove tangles.

Men who try to maintain their beard is doing an oddly complex process, using beard oils, beard washes, beard balms, beard conditioners, beard combs, etc. There are limitless options when looking for beard combs and brushes. When checking and searching online for beard combs and brushes from popular online retailers, these sites yield hundredths of results.

There are tons of synthetic, wooden, and ox horn peine para barba or beard combs and brushes to use to take care of man’s beard. In order to take good care of one’s beard, ditching the cheap drugstore comb is the first step in exchange for one that will make the beard look way healthier and better.

When using a high-quality beard brush made of boar hair bristle, the bristle is cut at different lengths in order to reach hairs at every level giving a much more effective and even brush at each stroke. Another advantage of using boar’s hair bristle is that it has the natural ability to trap oil to provide equal distribution within the beard. An adequate covering of oil helps in the maintenance of the long-term beard health.

When using beard combs, there’s a huge difference in using average drugstore combs from the one that had been hand cut and polished to be used in maintaining beards. Cheaper combs that had been stamped out from molds contain tons of microscopic jagged edges that can break the integrity of the beard follicle shaft with every stroke that may result in breakage and split-ends. In order to remove split-ends, the tip of the beard had to be trimmed, and by regularly trimming the beard means one will never be able to attain the desired beard length.

Plastic molded combs are flimsy and are susceptible to teeth breakage and don’t necessarily mean that beard brushes are the only option. There are several quality beard combs available in the market such wooden, saw cut, bone or ox horn combs.

At, an online store offering beard grooming products and accessories also have set of combs that tend to stand out to be the best. Kent combs have been manufactured in the UK and are known as saw cut combs. Each comb is cut with a saw and then polished to remove any microscopic jagged edges, to ensure it runs through beard that any damage to the beard is minimized. The ends of the teeth are polished to avoid damaging the hair follicles and the skin below the beard.

There are other men’s products from the Kent brand beside beard combs. Available as well are Kent shaving brush, Kent beard brush, Kent hair brush, Kent nail brush, Kent shaving cream, Kent shaving soap, and Kent shaving mug. Free shipping is offered within Spain and Portugal for purchases over 30 euros and can be delivered with 24-72 hours. For any questions and orders, send an email to or contact phone numbers 910089909 or 691309687.